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Obskuria, Germany-Peru-USA

News: Their facebook page hasn't been updated since 2012, so it appears this side project is on ice for now. 
Facebook Samples
Location: Mannheim

Overview: An international collective that is a fine example of instrumental Krautrock, with Hammond organ starring in a major role, and some fine acidic guitar leads with tribal drumming.

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Deus Ex Machina, Italy

News: We just now have received word that all of the Kaliphonia era CDs will be repressed. So good news for fans who missed out the first time! Finding news about Deus Ex Machina is difficult since they do not maintain any internet presence, which is very unusual for a modern band.

Location: Bologna

Overview: Deus Ex Machina are one of the most important Italian progressive rock bands to have emerged in the last 25 years. Vocalist Alberto Piras brings back the memory of Demetrios Stratos (and singing in Latin prior to the Cinque album), while the band mixed hard rock with progressive seamlessly, just as their early 70s forefathers had. By the time of Cinque the band had switched more towards Avant Prog, but still managed to rock out on occasion. With Devoto, the band have returned to their roots. I own every album by the group excepting the live CD Diacronie Metonomiche, starting right from the beginning with the first Drums Edizioni release of their debut.

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