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Fernwood, USA


Fernwood - Almeria. 2008 private
Fernwood - Sangita. 2009 private
Fernwood - Arcadia. 2015 private. Also avail on LP.

Interesting story on how this album got into my possession in the first place. Gayle Ellett had reached out to see if I had a chance to hear the Arcadia CD he had sent. Umm... well... uh... What CD was that again? LOL. Turns out there is a print magazine called Under the Radar that they had sent a promo copy to. They're like all professional and stuff. Obviously not my Under the Radar, the textbook definition of Amateur Hour. After a few laughs, Gayle was kind enough to send me the CD anyway (and is housed in a very nice digi-pak). It's a little outside of our normal UTR fare, but I'm glad to say it's a very good album that I'm looking forward to soaking more with.

Fernwood are the California based duo of Todd Montgomery and Gayle Ellett, the latter most known to progressive fans as a member of Djam Karet. They each play a tremendous…

Dreadnaught, USA


First published on June 18, 2014 and brought forward with their new EP Gettin' Tight With Dreadnaught.

The band  is still active as of August, 2016,and promise a new album soon.

Dreadnaught - s/t. 1998 private (CD)
Dreadnaught - Une Vez Mas. 2000 Red Fez (CD)
Dreadnaught - The American Standard. 2001 Red Fez (CD); 2006 MALS (Russia CD)
Dreadnaught - Musica en Flagrante. 2004 Big Balloon (CD); 2004 Quixote (Germany CD); 2006 MALS (Russia CD)
Dreadnaught - Live at Mojo. 2005 Comet (Italy 2CD)
Dreadnaught - Have a Drink With Dreadnaught (EP). 2013 Red Fez (CD)
Dreadnaught - Gettin' Tight With Dreadnaught (EP). 2015 Red Fez (CD)

I recently heard from Dreadnaught drummer Rick Habib, and he was kind enough to send me two titles. Like with Woodenhead, Dreadnaught were one of many bands that slipped past me real time. I do recall reading reviews of the band back then, but just didn't have the opportunity to hear their material, given other priorities at the…

Eldberg, Iceland


First published on February 5, 2013 and moved forward to highlight their new album Par er Heimur Hugans.

Last activity from the band was spotted in April of 2016, so they do seem to still be going, though sparsely.

Eldberg - s/t. 2011 Mylodon (Chile CD); 2011 private (LP)
Eldberg - Par er Heimur Hugans. 2015 Mylodon (Chile CD); 2015 private (LP)


Iceland had a small, but productive early 1970s underground rock scene, propelled by a few interesting bands such as Svanfridur, Odmenn, Trubrot, Manar, and Nattura (apologies to diacritic purists). Eldberg is a modern band dedicated to returning the glory of that genre. I seriously doubt, if blindfolded, anyone could place this band as from 2011. Defiantly singing in their native Icelandic, coupled along with an arsenal of old analog keyboards - predominantly Hammond organ - Eldberg successfully restores this once great scene to the modern era. Musically closer to other Scandinavian acts such as Alrune Rod …

M-Opus, Ireland

Samples On the front page of the website

M-Opus - 1975 Tryptych. 2015 Rude Chord

It's about time my brethren in Ireland got into this prog rock thing (Hayes is an Irish name for the record. Then again my Ma is 100% pure Kraut and my Pa was a Celtic mutt. But hey! I have a story brewing here...). Take away the Ulster based Fruupp and the book on Irish progressive rock gets thin in a hurry. So it appears M-Opus discovered Supply, Demand, and Curve did they? Oh - you don't know who I'm talking about? Well, then... In any case, M-Opus goes much further than either band mentioned above, way into the depths of creative progressive rock, as evidenced by the 33 minute 'Different Skies' with its different tones, colors, styles, shifts, and food groups. Much attention has been paid to period instrumentation (keyboards being the most obvious) and compositional style. I'll say this to every band who insists going back 40 years in time to prove som…