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Afroskull, USA


Afroskull - Monster for the Masses. 2000 Secret Ninja
Afroskull - To Obscurity and Beyond. 2009 Skullsound

Hard hitting funk rock from New Orleans. Like a latter day Mandrill pounding notes with the Budos Band, and a heapin' side dish of Funkadelic. A straight up mix of hard rock riffs, tight horn charts, and funky rhythms. How I wish there were more bands like this.


To Obscurity and Beyond, 9 years after their debut, continues with Afroskull's unique blend of: Hard rock - meets Jazz - meets Horn chart driven Funk - all similar to classic mid 1970s Mandrill. When I first heard this album back in 2010, I wrote: "This is the band that Jay Leno should have picked to replace Kevin Eubanks. How badass would have that been? And they're from New Orleans, so he could have scored Politically Correct points right there." A few years later (2015), it's hard for me to argue with that sentiment. Jay Leno and Eubank's replacement Ri…

Ole Lukkoye, Russia


Ole Lukkoye - Zapara. 1993 AnTrop (LP); 1996 Exotica
Ole Lukkoye - Toomze. 1996 Lollipop Shop (Germany) CD and LP; 2004 Lollipop Shop (Germany)
Ole Lukkoye - Doo-Doo-Doo. 1998 private; 2001 Klangbad (Germany); 2015 Lollipop Shop (Germany)
Ole Lukkoye - Relax in Your Dream. 2000 SoLyd. live recordings 1994-1998
Ole Lukkoye - Crystal Crow-Bar. 2000 Klangbad (Germany); 2003 Caravan
Ole Lukkoye - Horse-Tiger. 2002 Klangbad (Germany)
Ole Lukkoye - Dream of the Wind. 2003 Lollipop Shop (Germany) archival recordings 1989-1991
Ole Lukkoye - Kumaneira. 2006 AnTrop
Ole Lukkoye - Dyatly. 2015 Trail (USA)

Just a bit of housekeeping before we get started. I do own all the albums from Zapara through to Crystal Crow-Bar. But since I would need to do a complete retrospective, and Trail Records was kind enough to send me Dyatly, I feel I need to bring this title to light first. Over time, I will review the other albums, upload the appropriate covers, and update everyone accordi…