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Kharmina Buranna, Peru

News: It would appear are no longer around, with no internet presence whatsoever. That's too bad as they were really quite accomplished.

Location: Lima?

Overview: Though from Peru, Kharmina Buranna remind me quite a bit of the 1970s Argentine progressive rock scene. They squarely fit the "retro prog" category and play a direct mix of early 70s styled blues rock mixed with classic era Yes, and a dose of 70s Italian progressive rock.

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Montibus Communitas, Peru

News: Not much to report on here since 2014's The Pilgrim to the Absolute, an album I haven't personally heard.

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Location: Lima

Overview: Though a 6 piece ensemble, who play a myriad of acoustic and electric instruments, the band seem more like a free folk collective than a rock band per se. Montibus Communitas' music is about cycles, trances, and meditation. Deeply ritualistic.

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Sanhedrin, Israel

News: It would appear the band is completely defunct at the moment, which is too bad.

Location: Tel Aviv

Overview: An excellent modern band from Israel capturing the European Warm progressive sounds of bands like Asia Minor, Minimum Vital, Solaris, and Rousseau.

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Diagonal, England

News: Diagonal at the current time do not appear to be active, with no significant activity since 2014.

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Location: Brighton

Overview: Diagonal are the first modern UK band, that I know of anyway, to truly capture the essence, atmosphere, and sound of the original progressive rock movement from 1970-1971 England.

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Psycho Praxis, Italy

News: There's talk of a second album and the band are posting frequently, but nothing of consequence yet.

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Location: Brescia (east of Milan)

Overview: Psycho Praxis are a retro prog Italian band heavily influenced by the early 1970s UK scene.

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