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Polska Radio One, Russia

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Polska Radio One - Cosmos Inside. 2014 Trail Records (USA CD); 2014 Clostridium (Germany LP)
Polska Radio One - Cold Sun. 2016 Opium Eyes (CD)

----Cosmos Inside

Polska Radio One are a fantastic new band from Yekaterinburg, in Central Russia, relatively not far from Kazakhstan. Though thousands of miles away, Polska Radio One clearly have their musical hearts tuned into the late 80s and early 90s UK scene - specifically the Festival Psych and Neo-Psych sounds of the era. Exactly, more at the point where modern bands were emulating the cosmic psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd and their 60s brethren, rather than the actual 60s sound itself. That is - the concentrate version! And perhaps we're all the better for the focus applied.

At the start I was reminded of Soma, then Sun Dial at their most psychedelic (Other Way Out), and onto the most trippy post festival sounds of the Ship of Fools. Wonderful echoplex'd guitar, ancient …