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Liquid Wolf, Finland


Liquid Wolf - First Light. 2012 Samsara

While the keyboards are definitely retro (Hammond, Moog, Mellotron), I think it's only fair to let everyone know that there's plenty of chugga chugga metal riffing and androgynous nasally vocals here - putting it more squarely into the 2005 time frame than 1973. Certainly nothing wrong with that, but the descriptions I've been reading in cyberspace seem to skip that aspect of their sound.

With that out of the way, Liquid Wolf provide us with an excellent album, primarily instrumental (thank goodness, as the vocals are awful IMO - sorry to say) with plenty of long and creative instrumental runs. Lose the vocals and the metal sounding guitars (and I love metal - but not in this setting), and Liquid Wolf would probably be a 4.5 to 5 star (Gnosis 12+) band for me. And probably sell 30 albums, so don't listen to me! :-)

Temple of the Smoke, Serbia

News: Last sighting of the band was a couple of live shows in 2016.

Facebook Samples
Location: Belgrade

Overview: Temple of the Smoke are a psychedelic spacerock band who mix stoner metal motifs with that of progressive electronic music.Very unique and satisfying.

UMR notes

Temple of the Smoke - ... Against Human Race. 2011 RAIG (Russia)
Temple of the Smoke - The Lost Art of Twilight. 2013 Cosmic Eye (Greece). LP only

Temple of the Smoke are a new four piece psychedelic spacerock band from Serbia. The country itself has spawned perhaps one of the greatest progressive psych bands of our time in Igra Staklenih Perli. Well, Temple of the Smoke certainly won't remind you of the great ISP, but they are carving out their own niche in the genre that is just as exciting. It's rare to hear a band that mixes early 80's Tangerine Dream sequencer based Berlin School electronic with modern day slabs of riffing metal, ala classic Kyuss or Colour Haze complete with lengthy psychede…