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Ozric Tentacles, England

News: The Ozrics are still active and playing live. No word on a new studio album since 2015's Technicians of the Sacred.

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Location: Somerset County (southwest England). Now based in Boulder, Colorado.

Overview: Ozric Tentacles has an instantly likable sound, that also happens to rock hard. Of course it must be stated that Ozric didn't create the wheel. To say they were heavily influenced by Hillage era Gong would be an understatement. But what Ozric did do successfully is to distill certain elements of that sound, perhaps the most popular ones for many a Gong fan, and take it in different and exciting directions.

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Ske, Italy

News: Not much happening as a solo artist, though a recent post did speak to a 3rd Not a Good Sign album.

Location: Tradate, Varese (northeast of Milan, near the Swiss border)

Overview: Like some modern groups, Ske seems to have compiled the best parts of what progressive rock has to offer, and reassembles them into a hodge podge of the entire genre.

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Cranium Pie, England

News: Their last album was Mechanisms Part 2 (2015). They are still around, but finding product for this band has been a chore, especially for us denizens of the United States.

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Location: ???

Overview: On Mechanisms (Part 1), which is the only album I've heard, the music is like being dropped into some obscure studio in London circa 1970. They really nail the psychedelic progressive creativity of the era!

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