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Not a Good Sign, Italy


Not a Good Sign - s/t. 2013 AltRock

OK - back to regular postings on the UTR for awhile. And here's another one of the new exciting bands coming from Italy. I suppose it's really a collaboration effort, rather than a true band. Though it could certainly evolve into that as Hostsonaten did from Finisterre.

Not a Good Sign (NAGS), though from Italy, have really nothing to do with their own heritage in progressive rock. NAGS, a band that could also be called the AltRock Label All-Stars, clearly have their sights up north towards Scandinavia, where the instrumentals recall Anglagard, Sinkadus, and Wobbler. The English vocals, sung in a somewhat commercial style, recall the Swedish group Anekdoten - especially on their later efforts. This is a band who wear their "prog patch" proudly on their collective jackets. We're pretty much at ground zero here for the style, so if you don't like this, then you probably have to question whether or not …