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The ongoing HiPo list

Read about this the purpose and idea of this thread at the bottom of this post. Feel free to opine on any of these albums as you wish.

Just Added!

Dai Kaht (Finland)

Mouth - Vortex (Germany)

Prior entries that have yet to be purchased or heard

Consorzio Acqua Potabile - Coraggio e Mistero (Italy) New album with Alvaro Fella (Jumbo!) on vocals. Considering this HiPo because of the Fella presence.

Cosmic Triggers (Russia)

Fatal Fusion (Norway)

Il Fauno di Marmo (Italy)

Karakorum (Germany)

Kungens Män (Sweden) This band many releases already, and 5 are durable mediums. Looks like a group to check out at least one of.

Merry Go Round (Italy)

Mythic Sunship (Denmark)

Professor Tiptop (Norway)

Weserbergland (Norway)

The Winstons (Italy)

Witchwood  (Italy)

Wucan (Germany)

Prior entries that have been heard 

Avatarium - The Girl With the Raven Mask (Sweden) This worked out and a review was put up on UMR. Basically doom metal with a female vocalist who sounds like its 1970. Maybe not an A-list group, but I'm open to buying any of their material.

Bocca Della Verita - Avenoth (Italy) Another good one. Italian retro prog but with a modern edge. Would have been an A-List group except the album was from 2009. Let's see if there's a followup. The band is active.

Cherry Five - Il Pozzo Dei Giganti (Italy) Starts with a promising opening 25 minute track. It's a more than decent reformation album, and oddly they sing in Italian verse the expected English (in their case). It sort of fizzles at the end, but it's a keeper.

Hadal Sherpa - s/t (Finland) Purchased but not heard yet.

Jordsjo (Norway) - s/t. This is their debut CD and is the full 3rd cassette release. I found it to be very good, and in line with other retro Scandinavian Anglagard-like prog similar to Wobbler, Sinkadus, etc... Perhaps not as dynamic, but still excellent!

Kaipa DaCapo - Dårskapens Monotoni (Sweden) This ended up being a serious bummer. To me it sounded like The Flower Kings with Swedish vocals.

Messenger - Illusory Blues (UK) is good, and I really enjoyed the instrumental bits. The vocal style however is way too close to the alternative/indie standard which rubs me the wrong way.

Promenade - Noi Al Dir Di Noi (Italy) I didn't care for this one at all. An RIO meets indie rock type album. I felt the descriptions on this title were misleading (though I don't think it was intentional of course).

Shaman Elephant - Crystals (Norway). This band didn't do it for me. Too much of that patented stoner sound mixed in with the more authentic psychedelic music.

Zhaoze - Intoxicatingly Lost (China). Not bad at all. Sort of a post rock thing. Turns out this was a compilation of more modern material, but released in the USA for the first time. A little out of my interest area, but I'll probably keep this for awhile.


In business, we often use the term HiPo to identify future lead performers. It of course means High Potential. In the same way, I constantly note modern bands that appear to have high potential, but can't say for sure, because I haven't heard them yet. This list will be constantly updated and brought forth as I read or am notified about them by reliable friends. Of note I rarely, if ever, will sample music online. I have found sampling a very dangerous method. It's too easy to make a snap judgment without any real skin in the game. So I avoid it. I'd rather buy something, and if I don't like it, resell it back into the marketplace. Anyway, that's just me.

At the top you will see new entries. The second grouping represents bands I had in some former monthly updates (remember those?). And the 3rd grouping are groups that I had identified prior, and have since listened to them. I will impart my opinion on each, for better or worse.


  1. IIRC someone on PE mentioned that Jordsjø have signed with a label and a full album is in the works, which sounds promising. I listened to their latest release on bandcamp and I think I can describe their music in one word: Sinkadus

    1. Cool! And I know both you and I agree on this point: Sinkadus is a good thing!

    2. Definitely. Ignore the people who say they're just a poor man's Änglagård!

    3. Jordsjo, a self-titled double-LP (contains tracks from the band's three cassettes) is already out on Pancromatic Records.

    4. Thanks anon for the update. You are of course correct. Still not ideal (a comp and LP only), but yes, better than cassettes for sure.

    5. Jordsjo was announced to be released on CD by Karisma this fall

    6. Thanks NewProg! BTW - always enjoyed your blog. I need to catch up!

    7. Well, I remember also taking something to my blog from here ))
      BTW, Messenger from your list above has already disbanded
      Kaipa DaCapo is releasing "Live" album in a week

  2. Merry go Round is a band by two former Standarte members (Keys and Bass). They go for a sound between bands like Frumpy, Affinity or Atomic Rooster. There are at least three cover versions on the album (Atomic Rooster, Richie Havens etc.).

    Although the front lady can sing, I think they fall short of their goal. An Ok but not overwhelming album.

    Il Fauno di Marmo

    They had already two studio albums out as "The Rebus", other than the name nothing changed in sound. Somewhat rough harder RPI with lots of Flute, not very polished but
    with lots of Charme. They really sound like they where from the 70s and where often confused with a real 70s Library Project called "Rebus".

    Alvaro Fella & CAP

    Have to listen to this one again. I remember that I was a little disappointed by this one
    after the first listen. I think I expected this one to be "proggier" than it was. Still a very good album. Alvaro and some of the CAP guys have a new project going: "Antiche Pescherie del Borgo".

    The Winstons

    Calibro 35's Keyboardist with excellent backing. Great mix of Psyche and Canterbury,
    easily the best of this list. Recommended!


    Very good retro hard rock with strong Prog influences. They get very mixed reactions
    some think they are really poor, others love them very much. You either love them or not, I think they are great. (they also recorded as "Buttered Bacon Biscuits" :-) )


    The German answer to The Blues Pills. They sound more natural to me and have more
    Prog influences with tons of Flute. Great front lady and their current album is the most Prog they ever did go for.


    Very good Retro Spacerock Psych etc. Should be right up your ally, can't go wrong here
    I think.

    1. Thanks so much for the descriptions! Many of them sound up my alley for sure, and others do sound a bit dubious. I appreciate you taking the time to do this!


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