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Alpha Omega, Australia


Alpha Omega - Electronic Mind Project. 2001 private
Alpha Omega - The Psychedelometer. 2007 private
Alpha Omega - Down the Gravity Well. 2013 Clostridium (Germany LP only)

At the current time, I only own Down the Gravity Well, so that's the only cover/review I'm featuring today. I've heard Electronic Mind Project, but since I don't own a copy, I will refrain from reviewing it until I do. For vinyl collectors, Electronic Mind Project will be reissued by Clostridium, according to their Facebook page. Also, I've seen references to a live CD from 2003, but since the band doesn't have it as part of their discography, I'll leave it out for now. As an aside, this band is not related to the Australian 70s band of the same name.

----Down the Gravity Well

Had someone fed me Down the Gravity Well, and stated it was from a cassette from the UK Festival scene of 1985, I would have had no trouble believing them. Though from Australia, Alpha Omega …